Asian Cuisine Trading was founded in 2008 due to a cooperation between Jan Rijcken of Choi Kwai International and Rudy Chiu of Wei Sing B.V. (Amsterdam). In the beginning it concerned only a small amount of products that were imported from China to the Netherlands.

Due to a continuously increasing amount of regulations the decision was made to concentrate the know-how and establish a professional import organization called Asian Cuisine Trading. The increase of professionalization involved the creation of a back office. The back office provides the company with the correct documentation of processes, product specification, labeling and so forth. In the course of professionalization the management of the company formalized and digitized several processes and documents.  A number of documents can be seen in the downloads.

In 2009 the import from the port of Rotterdam was extended by the creation of a distribution channel from the port of Hamburg. This ensures efficient management of the available transport channels.

The increasing demand for products from the European market that were imported from the Eastern continent led to a tremendous spread in the assortment of our products. In order to guarantee the quality of the products the fundament of internal processes within the organization is used. The supplier of our products or other services are controlled periodically.

To ensure the quality of imports is a special task, because we take full responsibility for our imported products.